Mobile Fitness Gym for Dog Service?

Our service is brought right to your front doorstep. You do not have to travel anywhere.


Our Mobile Fitness Gym for Dogs is a one-of-a-kind, state-of-the-art mobile fitness gym specifically built to exercise dogs at your convenience. Our Mobile Running Gym is a climate-controlled van outfitted with different size treadmills. Your canine sets the pace they are comfortable with: walking, jogging or running. Our fitness sessions last no longer than 30 minutes and are a well-planned mixture of physical exertion and mental stimulation supported by ergonomic custom-made equipment surrounded by positive reinforcement. The physical and mental stimulation that comes along with this running program releases beneficial endorphins producing a calming effect for your restless canine. 

Why Do Dogs Need to Run?

Our comprehensive fitness programs are designed for canines of all shapes and sizes to keep them physically fit and mentally active for years to come. 

Just like humans, dogs require daily exercise to remain at optimum health. Cardiovascular exercising helps strengthen their heart muscles and improve lung health, thus living helping them to live a longer more fulfilling life. Dogs are susceptible to the same health implications that we are due to lack of exercise, including diabetes, arthritis, heart disease and certain types of cancer.


As well as the physiological benefits, allowing your dog the freedom to exercise vigorously, is excellent for their mental health, and psychological well-being. Exercising improves their mental sharpness, and reduces anxiety, stress and depression. Aerobic exercising releases “happy” endorphins called dopamine. Under stimulated and under exercised dogs, can be prone to destructive behaviors such as chewing, digging and rubbish rummaging. They can become hyper, overly excitable and restless at night. It can be the cause of attention-seeking behavior, like whining, jumping up and barking. Burning off this nervous energy is also great for dogs that suffer from separation anxiety, or are reactive on lead, or aggressive towards other dogs on walks.